is the official weblink to safely activate amazon prime video subscription. Various media players are being launched nowadays. Media players support the best quality of videos. But still, they fail to provide it. So for the best video quality support, Amazon mytv is being launched. prime video is a popular platform. It provides you high-quality videos that many other media players fail to provide. is a platform that shows the original quality of the video. You can also watch Amazon prime videos on your streaming device. You can also enjoy various Amazon channels on your smart TV.

Amazon Prime activation code

The Amazon activation code is a six-digit code that consists of letters as well as numbers in it. Ex. TKMHYU. It should be kept safe so that cannot be misused by anyone. Activation code is given with the Amazon device or you can also buy it through email.

Features of Prime Video

  • You can get the best and ultra High HD quality of videos on
  • Provides live add supports
  • Provides high speed live streaming
  • As well as you can enjoy the best sound quality.
  • It gives the option to rent or buy movies or TV episodes
  • As well as it provides a Free Trial of 30 days.
  • It also provides free shipping with it as you are a prime member. All deliveries are free.
  • It also includes the best shopping deals for prime members.
  • Provides ultimate storage of photos
  • Exclusive offers on the products
  • 2 days express delivery setup

Follow the steps given below to set up prime video subscription:

  1. You require a high-speed internet connection.
  2. Connect your device to an internet connection or ethernet cable
  3. Then connect your device to the TV via HDMI cable.
  4. Download the Amazon Prime app.
  5. If you don’t have an account on Amazon then create an account on
  6. Amazon first via your Pc or smartphone.
  7. Then open the app on the TV.
  8. After opening the app you will see Sign-in with a created account tab.
  9. Click on the sign-in button.
  10. After signing in you will see 6 digit activation code.
  11. Then you have to note down that code for further activation of the account.

Create an amazon prime account

For creating an Amazon mytv account you will need a pc or a smartphone. Follow the steps given below to create your account on Amazon prime:

  • Take your Pc or smartphone open the link on it.
  • Then you will see a page or create an account.
  • Click on the create an account button.
  • Then you will be asked for signup credentials.
  • Then you have to fill in all the credentials like your name, email address, and password, etc.
  • Now your account has been created is created.
  • After that, you will see a page that asks for 6 digit activation code.
  • We have noted down the 6 digit activation code, that code should be entered here.
  • After entering the activation code go to the TV screen you will see that your subscription is activated successfully.
  • Then click on the continue button to enjoy Amazon prime videos.

Some FAQ’s about Amazon Prime Video

How to start 30 days free trial?

Follow the steps given below to start 30 days free trial:
After creating an account on your pc you will get a free trial option.

  • Click on Free Trial for 30 days after signing in to the account.
  • Then you will get an email for verification.
  • In that email, you will get a link.
  • Click on that link and the verification process is completed.
  • But before that, you have to add your payment details for further subscription in the future.
  • After adding your payment details your trial for 30 days gets started.
  • The TV will automatically add the channels to your list.
  • There is no need of adding the channels.

Why should I buy Prime Video?

Amazon provides you the best quality of videos. It also gives you the best sound quality that other devices don’t provide. You can also enjoy the channels which you want to watch. Amazon allows you to save your favorite TV shows so that you can watch it anytime anywhere.

How to cancel Amazon mytv subscription?

  • Follow the steps given below to cancel subscription:
  • Firstly open the page on your Tv screen.
  • Then go into my account. There you will see the membership section.
  • There select the End membership section.
  • To cancel the subscription click on it.

How to setup amazon account pin?

Amazon Mytv pin setup is a necessary procedure to keep your channels personas as well as safe. Follow the steps given below to set up your account pin:

  1. Firstly go on my account.
  2. Then open the settings.
  3. There you will see the parental controls option.
  4. Click on that option.
  5. There you will get a setup pin.
  6. Then set up the pin that you can remember easily.

How to add free channels and movie on your TV

Follow the steps given below to add free amazon movies on your tv using

  1. Switch on your device and TV.
  2. Scroll with your remote to the search tab.
  3. Then search prime videos in it.
  4. There you will see the Add channels tab, click on it.
  5. It will ask for your 4 digit pin, enter it and click on additional channels.
  6. Then the home page with channels will be displayed on your TV.
  7. Here you can add the channels one by one.